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The Veterinarian's Oath

Being admitted to the profession of Veterinary Medicine, I solemnly swear to use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society through the protection of animal health, the relief of animal suffering, the conservation of livestock resources, the promotion of public health, and the advancement of medical knowledge. I will practice my profession conscientiously, with dignity, and in keeping with the principles of veterinary medical ethics. I accept as a lifelong obligation the continual improvement of my professional knowledge and competence.


drKit Dr. Kit Charbonneau, DVM
Dr. Kit is a 1989 graduate of the VA-MD College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech. He has been practicing in the Midlothian, VA area since 1995. Hobbies include woodworking, scuba diving, trail riding and playing guitar. His second job is renovating an 80 year-old farmhouse in Amelia. We are happy to let everyone know that he has been cancer free for over 4 years now! Kit has also joined the horse crazy employees in owning a Spotted Draft Walker Cross, named Little Bit. He and his wife now enjoy frequent trail rides instead of doctor visits. We welcome his new son James Leo born February 2011.

drCindyDr. Cindy Lee Charbonneau, DVM
Also a graduate from the VA-MD Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, and proud mommy of two, Dr. Cindy Charbonneau joined her husband in the family practice after working in emergency medicine. Her hobbies include changing diapers, playing the piano, spoiling her yellow Labrador “Cookie” and riding her Percheron- Quarter horse paint cross (2000 lb horse!) “Billy Bob”. She enjoys taking Billy Bob on trail rides and cross-country jumping. Little Ayla and James join us some mornings as we now have a nursery addition to the clinic office.

drSaraDr Sara Taetzsch
Dr. Sara Taetzsch has joined our practice family! Dr. Sara graduated from VMRCVM in 2004 with Dr. Cindy (a study partner and friend through all of vet school). She is a fantastic addition to our team with her knowledge and experience in small animal practice. Welcome Dr. Sara!

Dr. Erin Dexter Buikema
Dr. Dexter is still doing relief work and has her mobile business. Please contact the office for more info at 804-763-5600.

Katie adds charm and wit to the clinic. She has been working for Dr. Charbonneau since 1996 and has the knowledge to prove it. Katie does the organizing and management of the clinic in addition to assisting and reception. Hobbies include being a mom (of the best behaved kids we’ve ever seen), collecting frogs, camping (esp in OBX) and shopping for bargains.

Nicole, LVT (Licensed Veterinary Technincian)
Nicole is a graduate of Blue Ridge Community College and has worked for us since 2006. She's a gem -- an enthusiastic and quick learner who shows initiative and gets things done! Nicole is a workaholic (makes for a good employee) and gives a broad smile to every client coming in the door. Her hobbies include horseback riding, including cross-country and show jumping. She also enjoys hunting and can pick off a skeet at 60 yards with her Charles Daly semiautomatic shotgun! (She's also our clinic security!!!)

Susan is a go-getter and fast learner. She is a long time client who got drafted to work with us in 2003. A real team player and multitalented-assistant, receptionist and surgical assistant -- she keeps us looking great and organized. Hobbies include arts and crafts, interior decorating and managing her own home zoo (2 dogs, 3 cats and fish). Susan has been in intensive dressage training with her horse Mojo and enjoys show competitions.

Kendall has been a great addition to the team since 2007. She will be continuing her studies in the animal field. Our chalkboard and facebook page is always up to par thanks to her. Always quick to smile and ever efficient part of our team. She would love to spend all her free time at the Outer Banks.

Ashley's love of animals is obvious and shines through everything she does here at the hospital. There are pets at home to testify to her love including horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens and turkeys! She enjoys nature, hunting and relaxing with her family. Her dedication and caring spirit make her a valued receptionist and veteirnary assitant.

Becky has been with us since 2006. She is our full time groomer who also helps on the veterinary side. Quite knowledgeable and excellent with the clipper blades Becky can give your pooch a glamorous look with a wagging tail!

Brooke is our Kennel assistant. She joined our team in July 2012. Brooke enjoys artsy stuff as well as spending time tubing and knee boarding.

Carolyn keeps our accounts in order and makes sure the bills get paid. (She keeps us in business)! She is a NASCAR fan and also enjoys shopping, and fishing. Did we mention that in her spare time that she is the proud mom of two beautiful twin daughters. (She had to give up the shark diving for changing diapers.)